Human Rights In China And Nepal: The Challenges For Emerging Powers - Palestra com o prof. Dr. Upendra D. Acharya






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Human Rights In China And Nepal: The Challenges For Emerging Powers
Palestra a ser ministrada pelo prof. Dr. Upendra D. Acharya - Gonzaga Law School - Wa/US

Dr. Upendra D. Acharya holds an S.J.D. (Doctorate of Juridical Science) from the University of Wisconsin Law School, Madison, Wisconsin; an LL. M. from the University of Utah College of Law; an M.C. L. (Master of Comparative Law) from the University of Delhi, India; and an LL.B. from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal
Prof. Acharya:
• Taught for five years at Tribhuvan University Law School in Kathmandu, Nepal.
• Served as a legal counsel to a tribal government in the United States.
• Consulted to and involved in various NGOs, ITC/UNCTAD/GATT, and OXFAM/Nepal.
• Has written numerous articles on international law, Constitutional law, administrative law, and comparative law and presented papers and delivered lectures in national and international conferences in the United States, Asia, Europe, and Middle East.
Prof. Acharya has represented landmark cases in the Supreme Court of Nepal, including daughters’ right to inherent property, and the Godabary Marble Case that resulted in the enactment of an Environmental Protection Act in Nepal. He also has worked toward eradicating bonded labor systems in far western areas of Nepal.
Prof. Acharya has served as a pro tem judge on the Tribal Appeals Court.

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