30 Abr 2024

Does zero-deforestation beef have the potential to conserve forest in Brazil? Evidence from urban steak consumers in China


30/04/2024 - 15:00 às 17:30


FGV Direito SP
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Tropical deforestation and forest degradation are significant global environmental issues. Beef trade is one of the key factors driving the discussion on deforestation in Brazil. China, as the largest importer of Brazilian beef, is experiencing rapid growth in beef consumption demand, making it necessary to pay attention to the trade-related environmental risks of deforestation. This study employs choice experiments and random interventions to examine the impact of different types of environmental information on Chinese consumers' willingness to pay for Brazilian beef, based on samples of urban steak consumers in China. It finds that on average consumers have a positive preference for Brazilian beef with zero-deforestation labels, with an average premium of 14.2% over the average price of steak. Besides, both environmental traceability information and environmental protection information can increase consumers' preference for Brazilian zero-deforestation beef, with average premiums of around 26.5%-26.6%. To certain extent consumer premiums can offset the construction costs of the zero-deforestation beef supply chain in Brazil. These findings explore the potential of zero-deforestation beef in conserving Brazilian forests from the consumption perspective, offering insights to promote the development of the zero-deforestation beef value chain between China and Brazil.



FGV Direito SP (GEAgro)

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Kevin Chen, Diretor, Centro Internacional para Agricultura e Desenvolvimento Rural, IAED, CAAS & Qiushi Chair Professor, Zhejiang University


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