Professor do Mestrado Profissional participa do GCR - LATIN LAWYER LIVE COMPETITION SUMMIT

28/11/2018[Atualizado em: 28/11/2018 - 09:02]

O Prof. Caio Mário, do Mestrado Profissional participa de evento no seguinte painel:

What is the role of antitrust at its intersection with consumer protectionand data protection?

The intersection between antitrust, consumer rights and data protection has gained new focus with the rise of competition and consumer protection issues related to big data industries, requiring further reflection on the strengths and weaknesses of each legal subsystem. This debate gains even more importance with the emergence of new data protection rules in various jurisdictions, most notably in Europe and Brazil, while questions about unilateral conduct have permeated the globe, including as agencies scrutinise the behaviour of large tech companies. Leading practitioners will examine this complex myriad of factors, looking to address questions such as: where to draw the line between the roles of data protection, consumer protection and antitrust in the world of big data; how to collaborate most effectively with antitrust authorities, and to what extent may data increase barriers to entry and confer market power.


Caio Mario da Silva Pereira Neto, Pereira Neto | Macedo and Professor of Law at FGV, São Paulo


Maytê Ximenes, Senior Legal Counsel for Brazil and LatAm, AirBnB, São Paulo

Josef Drexl, Director, Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, Munich

Leonor Cordovil, Grinberg Cordovil, São Paulo

Juan Pérez Ferres, Ferres Economia, São Paulo



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