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Além dos programas de intercâmbio, a Escola também incentiva a realização de seminários e conferências internacionais, além de oferecer cursos de curta duração ministrados por professores visitantes. 

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    Public Procurement in a globalized World - public procurement according to International and European Law

    Nuno Cunha Rodrigues
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    Comparative Corporate Law

    Marco Venturozzo
    Penn State University

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    Corporate law is increasingly a global topic. In order to fully understand the business law environment, lawyers, judges, business people and scholars can no longer limit themselves to one legal system.  This is not only because in an increasingly global world, business transactions are not confined by national boundaries, but also because regulatory models and rules circulate among different legal systems.  This short course examines selected issues concerning corporate law and international corporate transactions in a comparative perspective, focusing in particular on U.S. and European law, but not only.  It builds on over 15 years of experience practicing, writing, and teaching in the area of comparative corporate law: the instructor has been trained in both civil and common law, and is currently a professor of law both in the U.S. and Italy.  The course also builds on a casebook on Comparative Corporate Law that will be published in 2015 by West Academic Press, authored by the Instructor. The course has been taught in a similar format to law students and practitioners from lots of different legal cultures, at Universities and Law Schools in Germany, Spain, India, China, U.S., Italy, just to mention a few.

    Topics covered include the incorporation process, piercing the corporate veil, the financial structure of the corporation (shares and bonds), shareholders’ agreements, corporate governance (in particular, directors’ liability), M&As and hostile takeovers.  The goal is to offer to students a solid understanding of different legal approaches to common substantive problems, in order to stimulate them both to consider critically their own legal system, and to be aware of important problems that might arise when dealing with international corporate and business transactions.  For these reasons, the course has both theoretical and practical goals: from a more theoretical perspective, it challenges students to think “out of the box”; from a more practical perspective, it broadens their legal culture discussing different regulatory strategies, adopted in different legal systems, in order to govern corporate and business transactions.

    • Ross A. Wilson v. Louisiana-Pacific Resources
    • Centros
    • Sample of AOI and bylaws
    • Baatz v. Arrow Bar
    • Walkovsky v. Carlton
    • Excerpt from M. VENTORUZZO AND OTHERS, Comparative Corporate Law, West, forthcoming 2015, Piercing the corporate veil in civil law systems.
    • Vantage Point v. Examen
    • Morgan Stanley v. ADM
    • Commission of the European Communities v. Kingdom of Spain – C-338/06
    • Practical Exercise: Negotiating and Drafting a Shareholders’ Agreements Limiting the Transferability of the Shares
    • Smith v. Van Gorkom
    • Today Homes v. Williams
    • Practical Exercise: Calculating and Negotiating the Exchange Ratio in a Merger
    • Hariton v. Arco
    • Unocal Corp. v. Mesa Petroleum
    • M. VENTORUZZO, Europe’s Thirteenth Directive and U.S. Takeover Regulation: Regulatory Means and Political and Economic Ends, 41 Tex. Int’l L. J. 171 (2006)
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    Modernity and the Autonomy of Law in Historical Perspective: a Comparative Study of Germany and Brazil in the 19th Century

    Joachim Rückert
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    Business and Human Rights

    Willem van Genugten
    Tilburg Law School
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    Business Law

    Francisco Marcos
    IE Law School
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    European and Union Law and Politics

    Jose de Areliza
    ESADE Law School
  • Professor William Fox has been a practicing attorney and a professor of law for more than thirty-five years. A private practitioner in Washington, D.C., he concentrates on international business transactions with additional work in federal agency matters and veterans law. For fifteen years, he has been a member of the faculty (senior research fellow) of the Centre for Energy, Mineral & Petroleum Law & Policy, the University of Dundee, Scotland, where he teaches courses in international business law.
    Full-time faculty member and part of the “in residence” faculty.  Courses taught include:  international business transactions, energy law, contracts, elements of law, criminal law and criminal procedure and administrative law.  Additional intensive work with LL.M. students in preparation of research papers, moot court skills and other matters.  Site director:  Intensive Program in American Law, Istanbul, Turkey (2011 and 2012).


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